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How We Work

You may contact Valley Center for Cannabis Therapy directly or request that your primary physician contact us by sending a referral form, which can be downloaded from our website. Once an appointment has been scheduled, we will provide you with log in details so you can access our website and complete all of your paperwork prior to your office visit. At your appointment, a Valley Center for Cannabis Therapy physician will review your documents and history, and perform a physical exam. Once our physician has determined that you are eligible to use medical marijuana, a Valley Center for Cannabis Therapy staff member will assist you in downloading and completing your application. Our staff will upload your application and your provided payment of $100 to the Nevada Department of Public and Behavioral Health website for review. If there are no deficiencies, your approval letter will be delivered by email within 24-48 hours, at which time you will be able to start making purchases from local dispensaries. A few weeks later, you will receive your actual Medical Marijuana Identification Card via U.S. Mail.

Note: All patients who come to our office are counseled on the effects of medical marijuana, as well as the accompanying benefits and potential risks. In addition, patients who receive a recommendation letter from Valley Center for Cannabis Therapy MUST schedule a follow-up appointment to consult with one of our physicians within six months of their initial visit. Patients who receive our recommendation letter and are approved by the Nevada Department of Public and Behavioral Health are eligible to purchase and use medical marijuana as long as they comply with state regulations.