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Cannabis Education

1:1 Cannabis Education

Have you ever wanted to know more about Cannabis than you currently know? Have you ever wondered what a Sativa vs Indica really means. Does the word Terpene mean anything to you? Does your thirst for knowledge extend further than just following the instructions of a “Budtender” standing behind a glass case? If you wish to have an hour session with one of our specialists, where NO cannabis related question is too big or too small, call us at 702-441-0928.


Group Cannabis Education

Do you have a corporate event coming up? Are you looking to expand your group’s knowledge of cannabis in a calm and non-confrontational environment? Do you want to prepare yourself and your friends/colleagues to have a logical, coherent conversation about cannabis in any arena? Do your dispensary employees need a “refresher course” in cannabis? If so, a member of our Valley Center for Cannabis Therapy staff can certainly arrange this exciting, one-hour session at a place of your choosing. Call us now, at 702-441-0928 for more information on this informative class offering.