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“The Physicians at Valley Center for Cannabis Therapy, Las Vegas, are committed to improving the lives of patients by providing access to the legal and responsible use of medical marijuana.”


Do you suffer from any of the following debilitating conditions?

Cancer Treatment Marijuana


severe nausea treatment marijuana

Severe nausea

glaucoma treated with cannabis


severe pain treatment marijuana

Severe pain

cannabis treatment for seizures

(including epilepsy)

aids treatment with cannabis


Treat Persistent muscle spasms with medical marijuana

Persistent muscle spasms (including multiple sclerosis)

post traumatic stress disorder treatment with cannabis

Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Cachexia treatment with cannabis

Cachexia (general physical wasting and malnutrition)

If so, the physicians at

Valley Center for Cannabis Therapy

are here to give you your quality of life back!!!

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If you have chronically ill patients who have had little to no response to their current treatment regimens, please consider medical marijuana as a viable alternative. With growing concern over the use of opioids and the risk of addiction, medical marijuana may be useful in reducing or eliminating your patients’ needs for such dangerous and addictive medications.